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We Offer 40 years Landscaping Experience

Natural Landscape and Rockscape

Outdoor Living Spaces Customized for Your Lifestyle! At Mountain High Creations in Woodland Park, Colorado, we create, design and build outdoor living spaces, including personalized landscapes, unique and natural rockscapes and custom redwood decks. With 40 years experience in all aspects of designing and building beautiful outdoor living spaces, we will rise to the challenge of completing your landscaping project so that “All Your Mountain Dreams Come True!”

We Dream, Design and Build FOR YOU!

In the mountains, not enough flat space is a nightmare! We design and create dining areas, outdoor BBQ areas, room for a fire pit or horse shoes, enjoyment areas, a place for your hot tub or storage building, place to park your RV or ATV, a work area or just a place to chill and relax. We personalize and design every job exactly the way you need or want it to be.

All of our rockscape materials are hand-picked, including our native plants and trees. Elevation, sunlight, and soil conditions are considered so your plants and vegetation have the best chance under our mountain conditions to survive! Size of rock, type of rock, and color of rocks are all considered when creating your natural environment.

Patios and Fire Pits

We can build custom firepits or build areas to enhance your purchased fire pit. They can be woodburning, propane, or gas logs, whichever you choose. The surrounding area can be designed to accommodate any and every idea that we can dream of. If “fire wise” is a concern, we are well-versed on that topic. Ready, set, enjoy the warmth of the fire and peace of the stars!

Customized Landscape Design, Landscaper Woodland Park Landscaping, Mountain High Creations, Personalized Outdoor Living Space Randy Railey

We are what we create…QUALITY outdoor living spaces!

Don’t hesitate! Give us a call at 719-686-9600 and schedule an appointment for a FREE Design Consultation. You’ll be glad you did…you’ll be able to see your yard through our designers’ artistic visions and ideas, while we keep your budget in mind.

Every landscape we design is unique and personalized

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Mountain High Creations in Woodland Park, CO creates and builds very useful outdoor living spaces.

We Handle Every Detail in the Landscaping Process

Our designers will point out details you might not have thought of. No other company in Woodland Park or Teller County is more determined or successful at understanding your wants and needs for your project, nor is more passionate in completing your creative design to fulfill your expectations and ideas.

Creative Design

We use large boulders for many different outdoor creations. Whether we use boulders for accent, for retaining walls to last, to border patios and walkways, or for erosion control, we keep design and creativity at the top of the list to give you the backyard of your dreams!

We create natural water features, dry creek beds, patios, and relaxing fire pit areas. We always incorporate design, creativity, and quality in each and every creation. Our owner insists that every job is unique, personalized and has natural appeal down to the last detail. Our designs are original and each creation is one-of-a-kind.

Custom Rockscapes

Why build railroad tie walls that have to be replaced some day when we can build you rock walls that will last forever? Strong…natural…durable…unique, that’s our rock walls, unmatched by any other competitor in our area!

We create and build very useful patio areas. Whether it’s dining, relaxing or just mountain chill time, the design of your outdoor living space is of utmost importance to us. The size, shape, materials and fine detail is our specialty. Mountain views and relaxing moments await you while you chill in one of our unique outdoor living spaces.

We will build you a natural patio or custom deck

Flagstone Patios

Flagstone is our preference. However, we work with many other materials, as well. Flagstone patios that are set in sand are less expensive than flagstone with mortar installed over a concrete surface. Both are very natural and artistically placed together. Table and chairs, firepits, or hot tubs fit real nice on our patios. Also, we often use a unique blend of flagstone stepping stones to compliment our rockscapes and pathways. The nighttime sky awaits your every relaxing evening under the shining moon and stars.

Custom Redwood Decks

To enjoy your creative landscape or rockscape and your natural environment, let Mountain High Creations build you a personalized, custom-designed natural redwood deck! With 40 years experience in finished carpentry and custom deck building, and choosing our owner/designer to oversee your project, you can’t go wrong with us behind the saws and hammers!

All of our materials are hand selected so that your project can represent the BEST
that it can be! Quality construction, fine detail and artistic vision are all primary components to our success and your satisfaction. Outdoor stairs, handrails, benches, cabinets, or storage can all be included in your personalized design. Unlike some other deck builders, we use only treated pine material for our substructure. Everything is built to code and we are qualified, licensed, and insured for your protection.

Shade Structures

If shade is necessary, have us build you a “selected” western red cedar arbor, gazebo, trellis, or shade structure. Protection from the sun can enhance your overall enjoyment of your outdoor living space. Cedar privacy lattice or privacy walls can also be designed and constructed into your job. We love our neighbors but privacy is important, and eye sores need to be shielded for our overall enjoyment.


We design and build custom cedar split rail fences, or solid cedar fences for accent, privacy or containment. If your pets or animals need to be contained or protected, we can use 2×4 galvanized welded wire, which works in conjunction with 2-rail or 3-rail split rail cedar fences, depending on the size of the animal. Large or small custom gates can be designed for easy access. Split rail fences can also be used for access to enhance your environment.

Again, our quality surpasses all other competitors and our success with your project is our #1 priority.
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Custom Wood Decks, Custom Redwood Decks, Woodland Park, Colorado, Mountain High Creations

At Mountain High Creations, the sky’s the limit!


Excavation, drainage, and erosion control problems are NO problems for us. Over the years, we have solved multiple customer problems in the mountains with simple and affordable solutions.

Whether it is excavation, berms, mounds, swales, drainage, xeriscape, dry creek beds, timber steps, rocks, hydroseed or grass, we take care of all of our customers’ needs. We complete each and every job down to the very last drop of detail and design.

Contact us and let Mountain High Creations give you the backyard of your dreams!

Customized Landscape Design, Landscaper Woodland Park Landscaping, Mountain High Creations, Personalized Outdoor Living Space
Give us a call at 719-686-9600 and schedule an appointment for a FREE Design Consultation. You’ll be glad you did…you’ll be able to see your yard through our artistic vision and ideas, while we keep your budget in mind.